Stars Who Voted In 2022: Halle Berry & Ivanka Trump Showing Off Their Voting Stickers On Election Day

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It’s Nov. 8th and the 2022 midterm elections are here. People across the U.S. are heading to the polls to vote with the stakes bigger than ever. Not only does control of congress hang in the balance, but issues like abortion rights and voting access are directly on the ballot in some states.

Hoping to tip the scales, celebrities of all sorts have been using their big voices to get out the vote. The civically-minded celebs represent both ends of the political spectrum, with everyone from Halle Berry to Ivanka Trump giving election day a shout-out online.

Need that final motivation to get to the polls? See all the stars who voted in 2022, right here.

Kerry Washington

It was hard not to get hyped up about voting with Kerry Washington. The Scandal star posted a high-energy Instagram Reel where she shook her stuff against a drop box to the tune of “Whoomp (There It Is.)” Her hair was in a curly ponytail and she rocked a red and white “Vote” tee. In her caption, Kerry reminded followers that voting could be fun, writing, “Polls, Party of 1.”

Joe Biden & Granddaughter Natalie

Joe Biden, Natalie Biden
President Joe Biden took his granddaughter Natalie to vote early in Delaware on Oct. 29, 2022. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/Shutterstock)

President Joe Biden took his granddaughter Natalie, 18, to the polls for early voting in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday, Oct. 29. It was a big occasion for Natalie, who marked her first time voting. “Hey I’m Natalie Biden and I just turned 18 and I am going to vote for the first time with my Pop,” she shared in a video on social media. The POTUS was just as thrilled, sharing, “I am so excited for her. This is the first time. The first vote. God love her.”

Halle Berry

Halle Berry spoke up for reproductive justice on Twitter. She urged people to defend the right to abortion by voting Yes on California’s Prop 1 and to support arts funding via Prop 28.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump was short and sweet with her 2022 voting message. She flashed a peace sign while holding up her, “I Voted” sticker at her local polling place. Looking laid back, she wore jeans and a sweater vest covered with hearts and yin-yangs.

Michelle & Barack Obama

President Barack Obama went with wife Michelle to vote early back in October. They proudly showed off their stickers while offering information about how to register.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore shared a fresh-faced selfie ahead of Election Day. The actress smiled in an Instagram shot where she wore a white polo and a voting sticker. Her caption said, “Make your voice heard. Please #vote – it matters.”

Abbi Jacobson

Kumail Nanjiani & Emily Gordon

Sarah Drew

Gina Torres

Kelby Vera

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