‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Justin Rejects Eliza After She Leaves The Beach To Try & Win Him Back

‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Justin Rejects Eliza After She Leaves The Beach To Try & Win Him Back


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Justin Glaze wasn’t quite ready to give things another go with Eliza Isichei after she dumped him on Bachelor in Paradise. After giving Rodney Mathews her rose over Justin, Eliza began having second thoughts, and dumped Rodney to pursue Justin. Since Justin had already left the beach after his elimination, Eliza flew to his home in Maryland to explain how she was feeling. “The second you left, something started to click for me,” she shared. “I think I let all the outside pressure and everyone’s opinions kind of factor into my decision that night. I don’t think I realized it until you were gone. I think that’s when I realize I made the wrong choice. So, I break things off with Rodney. In the end, I finally went after what I wanted..and that’s you.”

Justin’s surprise at seeing Eliza on his doorstep was written all over his face, and he admitted he was “speechless.” However, despite his previous strong feelings for Eliza, he wasn’t ready to just take her back on the spot. “You said to Rodney [on the beach] that you deserve somebody who’s going to choose you first without hesitation, and that’s exactly how I feel right now,” Justin admitted. “I want someone who is so sure about me and who is going to choose me without hesitation. That’s not what happened. You chose Rodney. That s*** hurts. I know it took a lot to have that conversation with him and then come all the way here, I don’t take that for granted. It’s just like…why did it have to get to that point?”

justin glaze eliza isichei
Justin and Eliza on their one-on-one date. (ABC)

Eliza understood where Justin was coming from and told him that she “messed up”. She admitted that she “should’ve chosen” him from the beginning. Unfortunately, Justin still wasn’t swayed. “I’m coming to the realization that I could choose people and put them first and prioritize them all I want, but if I’m not going to get that in return, maybe it’s time I choose myself,” he insisted. “I’m sorry. I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for.”

justin glaze eliza isichi
Justin and Eliza on the beach. (ABC)

Even though she was visibly upset, Eliza didn’t put up a fight. “I can’t fight you on what you feel is right for you,” she told Justin, before leaving his house. However, in a confessional, she was more open about how she felt about the situation. Eliza was actually frustrated with Justin for how he reacted. “I know I messed up and that’s on me, but I came back right away,” she said. “I flew across the country and I’ve only known [him] for three days. That’s a lot. Okay, I messed up, I get it, but this is me saying I’m sorry and showing [him]. If that’s not enough, then taht kind of tells me what I need to hear. It’s definitely not what I was expecting. I’m going home.” And just like that, season 8’s biggest love triangle came to a close.

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