Comic Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: Keeping it “fun and friendly for everyone”

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It takes a fairly big name to fill L.A.’s Dodger Stadium. The Beatles didn’t quite manage it in 1966, but Sir Elton John did in ’75. And last May, Gabriel Iglesias became the first comic ever to sell out at the famous ballpark, all for a comedy special that’s streaming now on Netflix.

“It was such a wonderful night,” said Iglesias, known to his millions of fans as Fluffy. “I still tell everyone, ‘That is the single greatest night of my life.'”

“So far?” Asked correspondent Tracy Smith

He said the nickname Fluffy came about several years ago: “I told my mom, ‘Mom, you know, they keep callin’ me fat.’ ‘Oh mi hijo, you’re not fat; you’re fluffy.’

And I’m like, Fluffy? Okay, fluffy. And it just stuck. And I hated it. I hated the fact that people were calling me Fluffy, not calling me Gabriel. the search engine and you put in fluffy, my face pops up. And so, I tell people I own the word, because, literally, I do!”

He also has a reputation as one of the most successful comedians working today and – by choice – one of the least controversial.

He told his standup audience: “I don’t talk about politics, religion or sports, because all three will divide people. That’s why I talk about food, because food brings people together. That’s right! Unless you’re vegetarian!”

Iglesias said, “Everyone has opinions. And I tell people, ‘I got strong opinions. But I don’t put ’em on stage… You wanna know how I feel? Buy me a drink. Let’s hang out at the bar. Leave All right? Let’s just talk, you know?’ As a comic, however, I just want to keep the show fun and friendly for everyone.”

The youngest of six, Iglesias was just a kid when his parents split up, so he was raised by his single mother. “Was she strict?” asked Smith


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