‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls’ Recap: Nico Is Expelled & Kimberly’s Money Situation Gets Dire

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Thanksgiving break is over, so it’s time to return to campus. In the season 2 premiere of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Nico is gone after the stolen test debacle of pre-Thanksgiving break. Leighton breaks it to the girls that Nico got expelled when Kimberly turned in the stolen test files. After an investigation, several senior Thetas got kicked out. Nico is likely not sweating the expulsion. He’s going to Cornell after a hefty donation from his dad.

Kimberly has still not told her parents about losing her scholarship. She thinks she’s going to be able to get herself out of this mess. When the girls cross paths with some Thetas, they’re told that the frat’s charter has been suspended. The core four are not allowed to step inside Theta again.

The Sex Lives of College Girls
Leighton, Whitney, Kimberly, and Bela in ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls.’ (HBO Max)

Kimberly decides to apply for a loan with Leighton’s help. But when she’s told that she needs a co-signer, Kimberly walks away from the loan. She refuses to tell her parents.

While Nico (and his abs) will be missed, there’s a new hottie on campus. His name is Jackson (played by Mitchell Slaggert), and he’s a climate refugee. His college dorm was blown away by a Category 4 tornado, apparently. He makes himself right at home in his dorm by having loud sex right next door to the girls.

Bela is starting a female-only comedy magazine. Her first meeting doesn’t produce the results she’s looking for in potential writers. However, she finds a good prospect in Lila, Kimberly’s coffee shop co-worker, after a pep talk from Eric. Now that soccer is over for the year, Whitney feels a little lost. She hasn’t figured out what she wants to do next.

At a frat party, Kimberly confronts Jackson about his loud sex next door. He gives her his number to text him whenever things get a little too rowdy. Whitney overhears Canaan talking to his guys about her, and he’s not exactly fawning over her. She walks away and doesn’t say a word. Leighton meets a cute girl at the party, but she doesn’t want to flirt in front of everyone so she gives the girl the cold shoulder.

Renee Rapp
Renee Rapp as Leighton. (HBO Max)

When the Thetas realize the girls are at the party, they are promptly kicked out into the cold and banned from all frats. Back in their dorm, Leighton comes out as gay to the rest of the girls. Kimberly tries to act surprised, but it’s a dead giveaway. Bela, Kimberly, and Whitney get Leighton to DM the girl from the party. Bela goes to Eric’s place to thank him for his advice, and they end up hooking up.

‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Since they’ve been banned from the frats, the girls decide to have their own party. No one comes. Ouch. 

Kimberly reveals that she’s going to ask her mom about the loan. When she gets on a Zoom call, her mom admits that they had to spend a lot of money they don’t have to save Kimberly’s beloved dog. Kimberly doesn’t mention the loan after that.

Bela and Eric are sleeping together, but it’s nothing official. They’re allowed to see other people. Speaking of other people, a cute new girl named Zoe begins working at Sips. Whitney gets jealous when Canaan starts working with her. Leighton and her frat party girl have a steamy hookup after their DM exchanges.

Bela and Leighton try to mend fences with the frats. Leighton proposes doing a Theta fundraiser to raise money for climate control to help the frat get reinstated. If it’s a success, the girls are allowed back at parties.

Kimberly goes to dinner at her professor’s house. She asks her professor, Elizabeth, to co-sign her loan so she can stay in school. Elizabeth agrees after some thinking, but her husband is highly inappropriate towards Kimberly.

Lila and Kimberly at Sips. (HBO Max)

Bela and Leighton produce a strip show for the Thetas that would make Magic Mike proud. Before the show gets going, the dean shows up to shut it down. Bela runs to get Jackson to help convince the dean to raise money for climate control. When the dean hears they’ve already raised $11,000, she quickly changes her tune.

Whitney has to fess up to Insta-stalking Zoe when Canaan gets a hold of her phone. She admits that she’s jealous of Zoe. Canaan promises Whitney that he’s not into Zoe like that. Whitney brings up overhearing Canaan talking about her. He apologizes for saying anything.

Kimberly shows up at the party after weird interaction with her professor’s husband. After speaking to the girls, Kimberly realizes she never really told him no. This situation is briefly put to the side so they can all get lap dances. The girls are officially allowed back at the frats.

The next morning, Elizabeth brings in Kimberly to tell her that she can’t co-sign her loan. Kimberly immediately blabs about Elizabeth’s husband, thinking that’s the reason why she’s backing out. Turns out, Elizabeth didn’t want the credit score hit, and this also isn’t the first time Elizabeth’s husband has hit on a student. Kimberly is back at square one when it comes to getting the money to stay at school.

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