‘RHOSLC’ Recap: Whitney Rose Confronts Heather Gay & Accuses Her Of Being A Bad Friend

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The Nov. 9 episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was a wild one. It started with the second half of Heather Gay‘s pitiful choir auditions, and this time around, Jen Shah confronted Angie H. over her husband’s fake Instagram account. Honestly, it’s still unclear whether the account was made to target Lisa Barlow or go after Jen — we were told it was the former in previous episodes — but who are we to judge? We love chaos no matter how it’s served. Anyway, Jen basically told Angie H. that she should be ashamed of herself, but Angie H. said she had nothing to feel sorry about because it was her husband who made the account, not her.

Jen and Angie H. basically got into a screaming match outside of the venue where the choir auditions were taking place, and when Heather caught wind of the drama happening at her event, she tried to resolve the issue at hand. But instead of siding with Jen and going after Angie H. like Jen wanted her to, Heather told Jen to stop acting like a baby and just forgive Angie H. Especially since Angie H.’s husband, Chris, had already apologized for making the account. Honestly, she had a point. But Jen couldn’t believe that Heather wouldn’t cater to her dramatics, so she stormed inside the venue and sought comfort from Lisa. This was after she also screamed that she’s “innocent” and didn’t commit any of the fraud stuff she’s being accused of. But we all know Jen later pled guilty to the charges, so we don’t really believe anything she says anymore, or take it seriously for that matter. However, it still led to some good drama this week, and Jen referring to Angie H.’s husband as a “fat elf on the shelf”, so we really shouldn’t complain.

Anyway, Lisa claimed the drama was a lot for her because she’s also dealing with family issues that have been overwhelming her, so she now wants to recommit to her faith. She thinks that bettering her relationship with God will help her all around, but her husband, John, said he just wants her to focus more on him and their sons. He even went as far as saying that he wishes Lisa would sometimes ignore the calls she receives from her sister, who’s getting divorced and dealing with a lot of drama.

Later, Whitney and Lisa met up for a playdate with their kids. There, Lisa talked trash about Heather, and revealed she’s still mad that Heather for insinuating she didn’t react properly to her dad’s death. Whitney said she and Heather have also been having issues since the group’s trip to Arizona, so in the final few minutes of this week’s episode, Whitney went to Heather’s house to talk. But unfortunately for her, their discussion about the distance in their friendship created an even greater divide between them.

Basically, Whitney told Heather she’s a bad friend because she didn’t reach out after Justin got fired from his job. But Heather said she had no idea that had even happened. Then, Whitney chastised Heather for being so hard on Lisa, and Heather couldn’t believe that Whitney was siding with Lisa. Especially after Lisa treated Whitney so poorly last season. Heather was so flabbergasted by Whitney’s behavior that she took her mic off, ran into a room and told Whitney to leave.

Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City air Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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