‘Modern Family’ Star Julie Bowen Admits She Was Once ‘In Love With A Woman’

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Modern Family actress Julie Bowen, 52, revealed that she was once “in love” with a woman despite identifying as “straight” during the Oct. 31 episode of her podcast Quitters. “I’m straight. I’ve always been straight. I was in love with a woman for a while but she didn’t love me back,” the blonde beauty said around the 49-minute mark. Julie went on to reveal that the woman she liked was someone who was openly into women. “She liked women but she didn’t like me in that way,” the 52-year-old added. “It never really took off so I never really had to challenge my concept of my sexuality.”

The Emmy-nominated actress also went into detail about her beliefs on whether or not people should know someone’s sexuality right away. “The idea that we lead with, ‘how do you identify?’ and immediately you get into what you do in the bedroom,” she said before sharing her own past with loving a woman. Her guest, Rebecca Tilley, 34, who starred on The Bachelor during Seasons 19 and 20, also agreed that a label is not the most important thing. “I never even thought about a label,” the reality TV star recalled. “Hayley [Kiyoko] and I met and we just had this instant connection and I just fell in love with her so fast that I just never went into this [thought about], ‘What does it mean? What is my label? How do I identify?’”

Later in the conversation, Becca addressed how it is still important for some people to come out because it provides them a comfort. “I don’t have an issue with coming out, I just hope one day people don’t have to come out. It causes a lot of stress … and life is already really hard. Falling in love should just be a beautiful and natural thing that people shouldn’t have to explain to anybody,” the Scrubbing In podcast host said. Becca officially confirmed her relationship with the “Girls Like Girls” singer on May 20. “hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it is a launch #95p,” she captioned the adorable video with Hayley.

Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen opened up about her past with a woman on Nov. 2. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

The Happy Gilmore actress also told Becca that she thinks that it should be people’s own choice whether they come out or not. “What you do with your body should not be the first thing we know about people or care about, its your business,” Julie said. “Like you said, I hope people don’t always have to come out.”

Julie did not end up with the woman she mentioned (as we all know), the TV star was married to Scott Phillips from 2004 until their split in 2018. The two also welcomed three children during their 14-year-long marriage. Scott and Julie share twins Gustav and John, 13, and their son, Oliver, 15. While Becca and Hayley, on the other hand, have been busy creating adorable couple’s Halloween costumes the last week.

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