After `Splitsvilla X4`, social media star Sakshi Dwivedi eyes `Bigg Boss`

Sakshi Dwivedi, who has a formidable following on social media, says she was at first hesitant to join the dating reality show `Splitsvilla X4`, but now she is glad she did it -and what she really wants to do now is appear on `Bigg Boss`. “The `Splitsvilla` team had been approaching me for a very long time,” Sakshi said. “I wasn`t looking forward to it, though, because I was not sure of what would happen there. I think I`m not really good at fights. I never thought about getting into `Splitsvilla` or any sort of reality show because of this. I also didn`t want to get stereotyped as someone who just does reality shows. I just want to be an actor. Times have changed, however, and I would love to take such risks.”

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Talking about shooting in Goa, Sakshi said: “Shooting in Goa was good, but it was exhausting. The 30 days spent there were not easy. I am used to getting my makeup done by a makeup artist and my hair done by a hairstylist. I have a team to do this. There was no one to do all this over there. I was doing all of it by myself. It was just like staying in a hostel. It was difficult but I love taking risks and experimenting with everything.”

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Going forward, Sakshi is looking forward to being a part of more reality shows. “I have started to watch all reality shows now and as I have already done one, definitely I would love to do `Bigg Boss`. Everyone watches `Bigg Boss`. I see my grandmother cooking and watching `Bigg Boss`. The audience of the show is huge and I would definitely love to be a part of it.”


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